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Artist Statement

My first cognative memory of doing art was when I was four years old. It was a joy. During a South Pacific thunder storm I sat with my mother and siblings by candle light creating three dimensional figures out of melting wax .

When my family moved to Madrid, Spain I picked up sketching. The Spanish artists who held a tremendous influence for my vision were Goya, El Greco, and Velazquez. However, as I matured and became involved artistically through the theatre and music, Erte's work became influentially inspiring.

While I was living in Spain attending Torrejon elementary school I was tutored in a gifted artist program, both in art and music. When I returned to the states I continued study in music and art. However, painting has been self taught, as well as most of the craft art I have taken up. Music was a diligent study of classical voice in Los Angeles, with Robert Austin of the San Diego Opera as my voice coach. When I moved to Sonoma County my training continued with Helen Sydell and Thelma Ahner. I sang in choir, chamber, musical theatre, opera and jazz.

My art work has been installed in museums, art galleries, college campuses, and book shops in the United States and Canada. Many of my pieces have made their homes internationally.

I have been making specialty gourmet cakes and Wedding cakes for over 40 years. Private classes are taught in Baking and Cake decorating upon request.

My heritage is from Aboriginal California and my present focus in art and music has been to help educate and to celebrate Indigenous Identity and intelligence.


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